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In every city, everyday workers deserve at least one champion at city hall. In Burbank,  Konstantine will be that champion.“ 

 – Lorena Gonzalez, California Assemblymember, AD 80

Konstantine has the policy expertise and lived experience to make him an  ideal advocate for equitable housing policy.“ 
 – Daniel Lee, Culver City Council Member

I endorse Konstantine because of his vision for a sustainable and affordable Burbank. Our region is facing a number of crises that can only be solved by cooperation between cities. On Burbank City Council, Konstantine will be a  valuable partner to Glendale as we work to build a better future for the San Fernando Valley.“ 
 – Dan Brotman, Glendale City Council Member


I endorse Konstantine for his progressive platform which includes demilitarization, housing justice, and a housing first model for approaching homelessness.  Imagine a society where all politicians held these views.” 
 – Maebe A. Girl, Silver Lake Neighborhood Councilwoman

Konstantine holds himself accountable to the people of Burbank and would be a  progressive champion for a progressive city.” 

 – Nithya Raman, Candidate for LA City Council, District 4

Politics as usual ruins everything. Konstantine offers  the change Burbank needs." 

 – Adam Conover, Media professional 

I am proud to endorse Konstantine because he is fighting for the progressive change that Burbank needs to move forward. From Housing Justice to Workers’ Rights to expanding public transportation to addressing homelessness,  Konstantine is ready to bring just, equitable, and moral leadership to the Burbank City Council.”  
 – Ryan Knight, aka The Proud Socialist​

Konstantine fights for the people! He understands what is broken in Burbank and how to fix it.  Vote for Konstantine Anthony!”  
Darrell Park, 2020 candidate for LA County Supervisor, District 5


Konstantine understands the lives of working people here in Burbank and has laid out a program that shows  real vision and leadership for our city.” 

 – Cory Doctorow, writer, activist, Burbank resident

Konstantine Anthony is deeply passionate about important issues facing our community: rent control, disabled accessibility, transportation, nonprofits working together for the greater good. He has been participating in marches for our rights, school district plans and programs for all (focused on special needs students, faculty and staff), programs to help low income, at risk and homeless individuals and families, and seniors. He is a grassroots and hands-on worker for Coordinating Council Holiday Baskets, Camperships, and so much more.  I have been honored to sit with him on many committees and respect his ability to listen, weigh information, and then stand by his final recommendations.” 
 – Janet Diel, Burbank community activist