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Konstantine Anthony: Strong Supporter of LGBTQ+ Community

BURBANK - September 14, 2023 – I, Konstantine Anthony, candidate for Los Angeles County Supervisor, fiercely condemn the use of Santa Clarita Valley Democrats' recent event for political gain. For several days, extremist right-wing organizations including Fox News, have spread misleading information to fuel fear, discrimination, and hate. I will always be a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and drag performers.


On a busy Saturday filled with various independent gatherings, I attended the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats’ private fundraiser for their organization. Notably, there were no officially endorsed candidates or state and federal political figures present. The event was open to young adults ages 15 and above, however, there were no attendees below 18. Additionally, no children were present.


In my capacity as a community leader, I refuse to engage with the baseless outrage that has followed. Drag Queen Bingo is a widely loved event, embraced by diverse Santa Clarita community groups, including veteran family associations and religious organizations.


Fabricating claims about children, the event's true nature, or the guest list for the sake of political attention is reprehensible and unacceptable. As a Democrat, my focus remains on addressing the real challenges in our community, such as advocating for working families, safeguarding our environment for future generations, fighting to end homelessness, and addressing LA’s housing crisis.


I remain steadfast in my commitment to standing with the LGBTQ+ community, and I firmly oppose homophobia and transphobia.





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