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Hi, I’m Konstantine. (he/him)

I am autistic, and I’ve been homeless.
In 2004, I moved to Burbank to work in film and television. Since that time, I’ve become involved in disability advocacy, housing justice, and workers’ rights.
During my campaign, I pledge not to take donations from corporations, corporate PACs, property developers, realtors, landlords, fossil fuel executives, or police associations.
I would like to offer my life experience in service to the city of Burbank. With my passion and dedication, I will be a valuable public servant.

Oct 2018 – April 2020

does not imply endorsement

Co-Founder, Chair

I helped form this nonprofit to cultivate community stability, healthy housing, and affordability for renters in the City of Burbank. I was one of two proponents on a ballot measure initiative for rent regulation and eviction protections in Burbank.


Virtual Town Hall with Burroughs Junior State of America
Thursday, August 13 at 6pm PT
RSVP: https://signup.com/go/ryyxKQj

Your donation makes it possible to build a solidarity movement of working-class Burbankers.

If you or your group of friends or colleagues would like to speak with me over Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet, email me at konstantineanthony@gmail.com.

Even in the COVID-19 era, people power wins elections! Help us make calls, send texts, and write postcards.

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